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About the Innovation Leadership Forum

Innovation has been firmly on the agenda for most organisations for a while. This is no longer enough. Today’s environment demands that organisation place sustainability considerations at the heart of all operations, and ensure it is the key driver for all innovation. Anything else is irresponsible.

Responsible and relevant innovation doesn’t just happen.

More than ever, just asking for (more) innovation is not enough. We all know that curiosity, creativity and the skills of developing and implementing, as well as space – to challenge and question, experiment and explore – are essential. The next big lessons is how to understand, leverage and embed sustainability.

Innovation needs to be understood in context, today more so than ever before.

In order to be able to improve conditions for innovation and sustainability we need to start by understanding the organisations’ specific context and starting point. While looking at Best Practice is useful, it is not sufficient. Best Practice, for both innovation and sustainability, needs to be translated into context, and extended to become Leading Practice.

Innovation and sustainability happen through connecting different bodies of knowledge.

Not much is truly new which is why innovation thrives on diversity and the appreciation of different perspectives and points of view. If collaboration has long since been the secret ingredient for innovation, it is an absolute necessity for sustainability, as true sustainability can only be achieved by taking a systemic approach.

We need to accelerate our journey towards sustainability.

Our context changes faster than ever before. On the one hand this means that the best possible solutions of today is likely to be out of date tomorrow. So we must build in space to challenge and question whether how and what we do remains relevant and appropriate. On the other it means that in order to keep up we might rush into solutions, without looking for and identifying unintended consequences. the belief in ‘technology will save us’ has brought us to where we are – which is not a great place. Technology should serve to create a more sustainable future, rather than pushing the boundaries as far as possible, regardless of future implications.

Dr. Bettina von Stamm created the Innovation Leadership Forum to share and spread her passion for understanding and enabling innovation.

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Aspects of Bettina’s work …

Bespoke Inspiration

Keynotes at and moderation of corporate events and conferences to inspire, instil a different understanding of innovation, and offer actionable insights


You would like to make your organisation more innovative – but where to start? We offer a variety of tools to support you on your innovation journey.

Learning Experiences

Through bespoke workshops, study tours and other experiential offering we provide relevant and effective input into your corporate learning journey.

… and what people say about us  …

  • We gain great benefit from the Innovation Leadership Forum [Networking Group]. It acts as a trusted network of professional innovators with the added benefit of some academic learning on the subject brought by Bettina. We use it both to learn and share best practice in Innovation and make new connections to accelerate our work in Fundraising Innovation. I’d strongly recommend it as a network for any Innovation team wanting to learn from others in the field.

    Clare Cotton
    Clare CottonVenture Catalyst, Cancer Research UK
  • I just wanted to thank you personally for your presentation yesterday – it was stimulating, challenging and enjoyable – all at the same time!

    Linda Greig
    Linda GreigDirector of Commercialisation and Business Development, Carnegie College, Scotland
  • When a colleague asked me how to go about finding out about innovation I told him there was only one place to start: Bettina and the Innovation Leadership Forum.

    Mark Richardson
    Mark RichardsonVP Research and Technology at Smith & Nephew Wound Management. United Kingdom
  • In a role where one is never supported by those who are supported by the current state of things, it is so empowering to be encouraged by others who strive to sustain critical change. ILF has become more like a family. We have shared in successes and failures across a great diversity of different business models and cultures, and this has brought us close.

    David Overton
    David OvertonInnovation Manager, Ordnance Survey
  • The Innovation Leadership forum is an excellent networking community for sharing ideas about innovation best practice. Marks and Spencer have found membership highly beneficial, stimulating and importantly enjoyable! The extended network of non competing businesses has been invaluable in helping shape innovation strategy and continues to provide stimulus for challenging the business status quo.

    Simon Colbeck
    Simon ColbeckHead of Technology, Marks & Spencer
  • I have been a strong participant of the Innovation Leadership Forum Networking Group and have got so much from the members and from discussions and sharing ideas on innovation with Bettina.

    Eric Hobson, Head of Quality and Organisation
    Eric Hobson, Head of Quality and OrganisationRWE Technology
  • Bettina is an absolute pleasure to work with and has a very approachable style. She provided such clear insight into a project I was handling at the time around instilling Innovation culture into an organisation. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as an expert.

    Alan Mc Gilton
    Alan Mc GiltonBusiness Development Manager, Hibernian Insurance, Ireland
  • Just ……….. great !!!! Thanks again to all of you, for the work, for the professionalism, and for the atmosphere !

    And thanks to the speakers who were outstanding. All feed backs I got are enthusiastic.

    Claude Jeanne Dubreuil
    Claude Jeanne DubreuilGeneral Counsel/Corporate Secretar, Astrium
  • I had the pleasure of working with Bettina at the recent ISPIM conference on "Open Innovation" where she gave an excellent keynote address on "The innovative organisation - a question of collaboration".

    I was impressed by Bettina's professionalismand knowledge as well her bubbly personality and I look forward to working with her again soon.

    Iain Bitran
    Iain BitranExecutive Director at ISPIM
  • “Excellent, stretching, easy to listen to. Slides and quotes very informative.” “Good and different.” “Pragmatic and inspirational.” “Some useful concepts to take away." “Very interesting look into innovation. Much more of an educational session." “She appeared to have so much of value to say - I could have cheerfully listened to her for longer and would have valued the experience.”

    Feedback from Senior Executives attending‘Leadership for Innovation’ conference organsied by the British Quality Foundation and the Leadership Trust
  • I so enjoyed reviewing the work and reflecting on your class. You have been a true light for innovation leadership and I am glad to know you.

    Michelle S. Royal
    Michelle S. RoyalCEO & Founder, Royal Innovation Design Group
  • I was deeply impressed by your appearance during the Advanced Track at the

    Your lecture was very intense and inspiring, you had a super-competent and strong, yet feminine and friendly apparel and became immediately one of the women that are able to be a role model for me.

    Roberta JordanCreative Business Designer & Project Wizard
  • It's nice to meet you in the workshop. I really enjoy it. One thing want to share with you is that I feel very relax in your lesson that is why I enjoys so much. That inspires me a lot as an educator and a project manager how to make students as well as participants contributes and get involved without any burden in their mind and heart...

    Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness to share everything with us at the same time make it a unique & enjoyable learning experience. It is really impressive!

    Daisy Ng Shuk Yin
    Daisy Ng Shuk YinLecturer in Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) / VTC
  • Many thanks for embracing our D.confestival experiment so full-heartedly. You have delivered an incredible performance. We got a lot of excellent feedback for your moderation and chairing of the breakout sessions.

    Professor Claudia Nicolai
    Professor Claudia NicolaiGeneral Program Manager und Lecturer HPI School of Design Thinking
  • We used the Innovation Wave with a cross business group of senior managers and heads at an early stage in our innovation journey. It helped us understand that innovation was about addressing culture, strategy and leadership as well as processes, products and service portfolios! It also helped us understand the importance of setting a clear strategic direction from which to innovate towards.

    It most certainly improved our understanding of innovation, and enabled us to accelerate the journey by recognising where the tensions, stresses and strains and opportunities were within the business were.

    Chris Parker
    Chris ParkerDirector, Research & Innovation, Ordnance Survey
  • A lot of innovation and best practice reports come across my desk. The only one worth reading is the one written by Bettina!

    Steve Wilson
    Steve WilsonDirector of Innovation, Diageo
  • It has been a pleasure to meet you... I really liked your class and I have appreciated the self-knowledge part of it a lot; the Totem Cards are a very powerful tool :- )

    Nancy MarcosFounder, Umanologa, Mexico
  • Thank you so very much for coming to DePaul today, and for delivering such informative and intellectually stimulating presentations to our faculty and students. I already received e-mails and calls from some of the people who attended the luncheon about how much they enjoyed your talk. After you left my class, the students also expressed their appreciation about how much they enjoyed the discussion and all they learned.

    I am very grateful to you for your willingness to speak to our groups. It is thrilling to have the opportunity to meet and learn from an outstanding innovation leader. Thank you for contributing to our knowledge by sharing your insights and research experience.

    Lisa Gundry
    Lisa GundryProfessor of Management, DePaul University, Chicago
  • "None of us are short of information sent our way, but Innovation News strikes the right balance of breadth and depth. I like its mix of learning events, gatherings, leading-edge innovation practice, relevant research,  provocation and support. It's a great resource if you're curious about how the world is changing and who's changing it."

    Rob Sheffield
    Rob SheffieldDirector, Bluegreen Learning
  • The networking group of the Innovation Leadership Forum was such an enjoyable and rich learning opportunity for me. I just read your latest newsletter - - thanks! for sending out this stuff - - you are still the best catalyst and thought leader around. Every time I read your e-mails it reminds me of how much you have helped.

    Jim Flemming
    Jim FlemmingDirector of Marketing, Fusion Processing Ltd
  • Dr. Bettina von Stamm facilitated a two day value creation (formerly known as Innovation) workshop for my extended leadership team.  Her vast knowledge and experience was tremendously helpful in helping weave together the team’s understanding, and in some cases, pre-conceived notions, of what ‘innovation’ is.  She was equally as supportive as she was provocative as she guided us to explore big, bold ideas to create and capture value in the market.   The impact of Dr. von Stamm’s workshop is already extending beyond our division, and has been a positive catalyst for change across the enterprise.

    Cindy R. Kent
    Cindy R. KentPresident & General Manager, 3M Infection Prevention Division
  • The 2-day Innovation Workshop by Dr Bettina von Stamm provided an excellent vehicle for us to consider our company from a different perspective, and to help us understand our competitiveness in all areas of the business. While we already believed that it is vital to innovate in order to achieve success in the rapidly changing business environment of the 21st century, Dr von Stamm brought new perspectives, and challenged our existing thinking. She created a very positive environment during the workshop which encouraged everyone to participate fully and maximised their learning from tackling issues directly related to their roles within the business.

    Neil Stewart
    Neil StewartChief Executive Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation

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In oder to address today’s challenges we need innovation, lots of it, for sure. Yet is can no longer be innovation that satisfies the shareholders and bottom line alone.  It is absolutely essential that any innovation considers ALL stakeholders, and ensures that all three aspects of the triple bottom line – people, planet and yes, of course also profit – are satisfied.

Bettina von Stamm, Innovation Leadership Forum

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