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We urgently need to move beyond our current understanding of sustainability, even circularity is no longer enough, given where we – or rather our planet – currently are. John Fullerton has set up Capital Institute to explore alternative scenarios for our economies.

He has developed two online programs:

1. Introduction to Regenerative Ecocnomics

Hosted by John himself, featuring 30+ Thought Leaders

From the website:
This is not just a course. It is the course we must take to awaken to new ways of seeing, thinking, being and leading for the 21st century if we are to finally address the root causes of the polycrisis now confronting us all. The aim of this course is to reimagine economics based on a living systems framework, grounded in the rigor of our latest scientific understandings and many ancient wisdom traditions. Join us in the Great Work of our age to redesign our economy so that long-term human dignity, social equity, and planetary health can become a reality throughout the world.

In line with this objective, this course will explore the following questions:

  • How can Regenerative Economics address the unprecedented crises, such as global warming, viral pandemics, and extreme economic disparities?
  • Does exponential and undifferentiated economic growth truly define the path to long-term prosperity?
  • What are the characteristics that define economic vitality and what are the conditions needed to deliver regenerative potential?
  • How can we identify and promote regenerative organizations within the private and public sector?
  • How do we look at macroeconomic institutions and their function through a regenerative lens?
  • What needs to be done to align our financial systems with the emergence of regenerative economies?
  • How can regenerative principles be applied to create a new leadership paradigm and new approaches to management?
  • How can we align emergent technologies to promote the regenerative paradigm?
  • How do the principles of Regenerative Economics resonate with ancient wisdom traditions?

More information on the program and the next dates can be found here.


2. Finance For A Regenerative Economy:

From the website:

The intention of this new, interactive course is to apply the patterns and principles of regeneration to the practice of finance, and to empower your participation in exploring what genuine financial system transformation looks and feels like. We will ground this intention in the bold redesign of our financial system inspired by the science of living systems.

The course seeks to get to the root of the issue and answer three fundamental questions:

  • What is the purpose of finance and how has finance failed to serve that purpose?
  • What would finance look like if it were to operate in service of healthy human communities while preserving rather than destroying the long-term health of the planet in the process?
  • What would serious financial reform look like that would harness the power of finance to drive the essential transformation to regenerative economies, unlocking infinite potential in the process?

More information on the program and the next dates can be found here.


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