Creating Conditions Where Innovation Can Thrive ….

The Innovation Leadership Forum has a broad range of offerings to facilitate an in-depth understanding of what it means to create and sustain innovative organisations, and help you make intentions come alive.

Understanding & Inspiration For Innovation

Bespoke Workshops, Seminars, Presentations…

Do you need an internal discussion on why you should bother with innovation? Do people have different views of what innovation entails? Are you uncertain about an innovation strategy? If so, our bespoke workshops, seminars or presentations can help.

Innovation Coaching

Why not choose to have an Innovation Sounding Board?

The opportunity to draw on The ILF’s rich and diverse innovation expertise and provide you with sounding board guidance for your innovation activities.

This is about providing in-house teams or innovation directors with support in achieving their goals.

6 MasterClasses: Innovation

Innovation is about understanding the real barriers, it is about having a vision, it is knowing where to innovate, it is about leadership, it is about behaviours and attitudes, it is about the people inside the organisation, it is about your external collaboration partners – in short, a holistic approach is required!

Knowledge Creation & Fact Finding

Bespoke Projects…

…  on and around innovation: from study tours to designing and moderating innovation focused events. For individual organisations as well as consortia.
To find out more about any of the options, please contact us.

Innovation Wave

Innovation Capability Assessment…

You would like to make your organisation more innovative – but where to start? What are you doing right already, what does currently get in the way? The Innovation Wave®, a facilitated tool for the assessment and development of innovation capability, will help you define your starting point, as well as what steps to take next.


Event-chairing, Facilitation, Sense-making,…

Organising a conference or corporate event? Looking for a moderator who guides participants through the event, can challenge, synthesise, and help to make sense? Bettina is the woman for the job.


More about Bettina

Check Bettina’s personal website for more

Bettina is delighted to have been the first certified practitioner for this amazing method, developed by Freiend of the ILF, Natalie Turner

The ILF is proud to be officially authorised provider of GInI’s offerings

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