💫🎄💝 Three Wishes for the Festive Season 2020 – And Beyond 💝🎄💫

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💫🎄💝 Three Wishes for the Festive Season – And Beyond 💝🎄💫

What a year this has been, a year that has brought us face to face with what happens when we put profit above all else, above people, and especially above planet.  With the new year round the corner the key questions are:

  • Will we be able to learn from it?
  • Will we be able to change?
  • Will we be willing to change?


For the sake of our beautiful planet, I truly hope so. And yet, I have to admit that I am one of those who longs to travel again, to fly off to far away countries, to meet and be with people, in a way that no virtual meeting space will ever be able to replicate … (so perhaps a question to add is, how can we travel in a way that is sustainable?)

Is the ability to meet with people, in the real world, is being able to travel to experience different cultures and countries what is the new year going to bring, or rather: give us back?
It is very unfortunate that I am not the fairy godmother, going around, granting wishes; healing our planet would be the first. But perhaps all of us, together, can make some wishes come true? Here my three wishes for the festive season, and beyond:


May we find the clarity to see and acknowledge the pain and devastation that we have caused nature, and that the virus has caused us, as individuals, organisation, nations;

May we find the courage to turn the hurt and grief that we and our planet are experiencing into positive energy, to find more sustainable ways of living, as individuals, organisation, nations;

May we, as individuals, organisation, nations, find joy and fulfilment in shaping a future where humanity lives in harmony with nature, as its guardian, protector and lover.


Wishing that you may find joy in the smallest things this festive season,

PS If you are still looking for gifts to inspire and encourage a different way of seeing, thinking and doing as well as open your heart and mind, perhaps I can be so bold to suggest the following:

  • The Other Side of Growth – An Innovator’s Responsibilities in an Emerging World  
    … which challenges us to become more conscious, responsible and sustainable with our innovations, and to which I have contributed a chapter: The Dark Side of Innovation.
  • Secrets of Working Across 5 Continents – Thriving through the Power of Cultural Diversity
    … which explores the beauty and treasure that lies in diversity, which I have written with a very dear friends and colleagues, and 150 contributors from over 100 countries; there’s also an accompanying website.
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