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“Processes are there to guide people on a journey, and help them ask the right question at the right time. If they are used to cover one’s back they have failed their purpose .”
– Bettina von Stamm, Catalyst & Founder, Innovation Leadership Forum

New Product Development

The website by the Product Development and Management Association provides a useful glossary on NPD terms, as well as book recommendations on and around the subject

This is the website of the consultancy founded by Robert G Cooper and Scott G Edgett who are seen to be the originators of the stage-gate process; it provides useful articles, book references and latest insights on and around the stage-gate process.


Idea Management

“Idea management used well is the soil from which you can reap a constant harvest of innovation.”
– Bettina von Stamm, Catalyst & Founder, Innovation Leadership Forum
Imaginatik has been thinking about and developing idea management systems for a long time. What I like about the company is that they constantly conduct research around innovation and idea management, so they have a lot of great insigths around what works and does not work around idea management.  They have also developed a few other tools and concepts you might find useful.
They also publish a monthly newsletter that, in addition to the to be expeted self-promotion, announces innovation events and points out recent innovation-related research and insights.
What’s Next is a bi-monthly business intelligence report focussing on new ideas and trends.

Knowledge Management

“If you expect innovation without failure you have not understood what innovation is about. It is how we deal with failure and what we learn from failure that makes a difference.”
– Bettina von Stamm, Catalyst & Founder, Innovation Leadership Forum
Provides some useful articles and other information around knowledge management on their website; they are also organisers of a conference on knowledge creation.

Human Resource Management

“In my view human resource management is the most underutilized lever in creating innovative organizations.”
– Bettina von Stamm, Catalyst & Founder, Innovation Leadership Forum
Website of Human Synergistics, a company set up in 1970 that is specialising in the assessment and simulations for individuals, leaders, teams, and organisations; it is probably best known for our Desert Survival Situation™ and Organisational Culture Inventory®
Website of The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Market research

“If you are looking for innovation don’t ask people what they want. Listen to their dreams and observe their actions..”
– Bettina von Stamm, Catalyst & Founder, Innovation Leadership Forum
The Research Buyer’s Guide is a directory of organisations offering market research and related services.
With over 8,000 members in more than 50 countries, The Market Research Society is the world’s largest international membership organisation for professional researchers and others engaged or interested in market, social and opinion research.
Naked Eye Research is a young, dedicated ethnographic research company based in Brixton, South London.  They work in product design, social policy and market research.


“Careful what you measure, because that is what you will get.”
– Bettina von Stamm, Catalyst & Founder, Innovation Leadership Forum
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