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I am delighted to be able to share links to a series of books on “The Profundity and Bifurcation of Change” which I believe are highly relevant to our times, and innovation. These are no books on any kind of change but ‘Intelligent Societal Change’ – and, boy, do we need that! (You can download an introduction to the Intelligent Social Change Journey here.)

The compendium of five books, as well as a Self Readiness Assessment Questionnaire have been jointly written by Alex Bennet and David Bennet with Arthur Shelley, Theresa Bullard and John Lewis.


Here a quick overview of their five books (extracted from their website):

Book 1:

The Profundity and Bifurcation of Change Part I: Laying the Groundwork

This book lays the groundwork for the Intelligent Social Change Journey (ISCJ), a developmental journey of the body, mind and heart, moving from the heaviness of cause-and-effect linear extrapolations, to the fluidity of co-evolving with our environment, to the lightness of breathing our thought and feelings into reality. Grounded in development of our mental faculties, these are phase changes, each building on and expanding previous learning in our movement toward intelligent activity. As we lay the groundwork, we move through the concepts of change, knowledge, forces, self and consciousness. Then, recognizing that we are holistic beings, we provide a baseline model for individual change from within.

Book 2: The Profundity and Bifurcation of Change Part II: Learning from the Past

Phase 1 of the Intelligent Social Change Journey (ISCJ) is focused on the linear cause-and-effect relationships of logical thinking.  Knowledge, situation dependent and context sensitive, is a product of the past. Phase 1 assumes that for every effect there is an originating cause.This is where we as a humanity, and as individuals, begin to develop our mental faculties. In this book we explore cause and effect, scan a kaleidoscope of change models, and review the modalities of change. Since change is easier and more fluid when we are grounded, we explore three interpretations of grounding. In preparation for expanding our consciousness, a readiness assessment and sample change agent’s strategy are provided.

Book 3: The Profundity and Bifurcation of Change Part III: Learning in the Present

As the world becomes increasingly complex, Phase 2 of the Intelligent Social Change Journey (ISCJ) is focused on co-evolving with the environment. This requires a deepening connection to others, moving into empathy.  While the NOW is the focus, there is an increasing ability to put together patterns from the past and think conceptually, as well as extrapolate future behaviors. Thus, we look closely at the relationship of time and space, and pattern thinking. We look at the human body as a complex energetic system, exploring the role of emotions as a guidance system, and what happens when we have stuck energy. This book also introduces Knowledge Capacities, different ways of thinking that build capacity for sustainability.

Book 4: The Profundity and Bifurcation of Change Part IV: Co-Creating the Future

As we move into Phase 3 of the Intelligent Social Change Journey (ISCJ), we fully embrace our role as co-creator. We recognize the power of thought and the role of attention and intention in our ever-expanding search for a higher level of truth. Whether we choose to engage it or not, we explore mental discipline as a tool toward expanded consciousness. In preparing ourselves for the creative leap, there are ever-deepening connections with others. We now understand that the mental faculties are in service to the intuitional, preparing us to, and expanding our ability to, act in and on the world, living with conscious compassion and tapping into the intuitional at will.

Book 5: L The Profundity and Bifurcation of Change Part V: Living the Future

We embrace the ancient art and science of Alchemy to explore the larger shift underway for humanity and how we can consciously and intentionally speed up evolution to enhance outcomes. In this conversation, we look at balancing and sensing, the harmony of beauty, and virtues for living the future. Conscious compassion, a virtue, is introduced as a state of being connected to morality and good character, inclusive of giving selfless service. We are now ready to refocus our attention on knowledge and consciousness, exploring the new roles these play in our advancement.  And all of this—all of our expanding and growth as we move through the Intelligent Social Change journey—is giving a wide freedom of choice as we approach the bifurcation. What will we manifest?


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If you would like to reach out to the authors, you can do so by emailing Alex Bennet, the corresponding author.

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