Forget Google Glass—It’s All About Google Pants

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Wearable technology is the future. There’s just one problem. No one wants to wear the stuff.

One potential solution? Make it invisible. The following article spotted on Singularity Hub reveals how google is innovating the wearable technology sector. With the Jacquard Project Google weaves technology into already existing products so seamlessly that no one will even know it’s there—unless they need it. Below we reveal some interesting facts from the article.

The conductive cloth is, according to Google, “indistinguishable” from regular fabric, comfortable, controlled by a chip the size of a jacket button, senses touch like a smartphone screen (although it isn’t quite as sensitive), and can even infer gestures using machine learning algorithms. These can be communicated to external devices wirelessly.

Apart from broadly noting that “connected clothes” can be used to interact with “services, devices, and environments,” Google isn’t planning to sort out exact applications. That, they say, will be up to developers and inventors. Instead, they’ll focus on perfecting the tech (in partnership with Levi’s) and providing a launchpad for the creativity of others. Google’s smart clothes are one example of a broadly connected future.

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