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3D holograms have the potential to change the way people study.

This week we found an intriguing article on Techcentral on how 3D holograms can create virtual classrooms and transform the way people study. You can read some of the key elements of the article below (as excerpts) or you can directly navigate to the full article in the link at the bottom.

The 3D hologram provides a lifelike experience. Students will also be able to see the teacher and fellow learners using mobile devices. This will give teachers and students the impression that they are in the same physical space.

Various network-based methods are used to complement classroom education to reduce the effects of distance, making it independent of time and physical location.

Technological developments tend to spawn new working methods that, in turn, require new skills. This will spur workers to embrace distance learning as it would allow them to continue their education while pursuing their professional activities. They will not need to take time off from work to attend evening classes — the class can take place at home or their place of work.

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