Sustainable development is failing but there are alternatives to capitalism

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A mindset focused on ‘radical wellbeing’

A mindset focused on ‘radical wellbeing’, as the authors of the Guardian article describe it? Given that it is something that  Kennedy over 40 years ago, the EU in 2007 and British Prime Minister Cameron in 2006 have all argued for, has the time now truly come, or does it remain too good to be true?  Read in the article why the increased awareness to move towards sustainability might create a turning point. 

By the way, in Bettina’s story “Serious about innovation” (which she wrote for, and read at, AMP’s Amplify Festival in Australia in 2013), she has her protagonist argue that “I believe that we started using ‘growth’, GDP (gross domestic product) and such like as measures as they seemed to be an indicator for the improvement of standards of living.  This in turn, so could be argued, is supposed to reflect people’s wellbeing. So therefore it seems to me that talking about innovation for growth should really be talking about innovating to improve people’s standard of living, and ultimately their wellbeing!  Yet if it is an improvement of the wellbeing of people around the globe we seek, is the question not, can we continue to use GDP as what seems to be the one and only measure?”.

Perhaps the time has indeed come to start measuring what matters, not what we can measure!

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