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We love the fact that taking a more holistic approach and thinking in larger systems if beginning to spread, almost like wildfire (after years and decades of looking for the ‘one thing to change or consider’. Not surprising this article that explores the 5C’s of innovation ecosystems is posted on a website focused on sustainability ( Below you can find our favourite highlights (excerpts from the article) or you can click through to the full article by clicking on the link at the bottom.

The application of innovative models in international development has captured the attention of program implementers, funders, researchers and policymakers alike. Numerous innovations have been conceived and launched, however, there are many obstacles to identifying and accelerating the spread of innovative policies and practices that improve the lives of the poor.

The five C’s reflect the lessons learned and the essential approaches for anyone working to transform promising innovations into opportunities for social change.

1. Core components.
2. Continuous learning.
3. Co-creation and collaboration.
4. Country innovation partners.
5. Copycats.

(find detailed description of the 5C’s in the full article)

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