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BBC Radio recently interviewed Margaret Heffernan on the future of leadership…38 minutes of pure leadership gold!

Heffernan argues that existing models of command and control leadership have outlived their usefulness in the commercial world. So why are dynamic and aggressive CEOs still lionised?

Margaret starts her mission sitting in on auditions for RADA. The academy’s director, Edward Kemp, talks about how to identify stars for this highly competitive world. ‘It’s never the supermen or superwomen…but people who can liberate the energy, imagination and momentum of the whole group,’ he says. The implications for the business world are clear.

— Adele Armstrong, Producer, BBC Radio

Margaret’s research includes interviews with: One of Netflix’s founding members, Patty McCord–US Army General, Stan McCrystal–Head of the British Army, General Nick Carter–and many others. Listen now.  








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