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Today we would like to share with you the three top qualities that makes a great data scientist. With over 60,000 job postings for data scientists on LinkedIn, and over 250,000 people listing data science as their profession, more and more people are becoming aware of this key role to enable innovation within organisations.

Venture Beat offers in a recent article interesting insights on what makes a great data scientist. Main activities of data scientists include weeding through and analyzing relevant data, to predicting future consumer behaviour. According to the article the best data scientists go-beyond degrees (PhD or MS or BS) and trending technical skills; moreover they embrace a true passion for problem solving. As it is much harder to teach someone qualitative skills, such as communications and curiosity, than it is to teach the latest algorithm or programming platform, it is more difficult to find the right person when looking for a great data scientist. The article suggests to look out for people with the following characteristics:

  1. A passion for solving problems
  2. Hard skills and soft skills
  3. A team player

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Last year the Innovation Leadership Forum held an Innovators Anonymous event on big data in which we have analysed what to look for in a big data scientist in more detail. If you are a member of the ILF you can access the full report on big data here.

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