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How leaders are creating the uncorporation.

Branding agency, Wolff Olins, has released their annual research report, which explores how leaders engage in a working environment that is breaking out of its corporate structures, and creating what Wolff Olins calls’ the incorporation’. The research report answers questions like: How do you make an uncorporate culture, yet still meet corporate targets? How do you liberate people, without unleashing chaos? How do you give people a purpose, without imposing an ideology? How do you lead, when everyone’s their own leader? And how do you do it all fast?

Unlike normally, we would like to ask you to click through to their landing page by clicking on the link at the bottom, and not just read our excerpts below, because you would miss an incredible delight in insights and a cutting edge user experience while reading through the research report. This is why we have only listed the checklist below, which acts as the outcome of the report and can also be downloaded here.

Creative checklist

1. Take your place:

See yourself and your organisation as a citizen of the universe, not the centre of it.

2. Let it go:

You don’t have to have all the answers, nor should you – let expert practitioners lead the work.

3. Culture eats capabilities:

Hire the right people with the wrong skills, not the wrong people with the right skills.

4. Cut the corporate:

It doesn’t matter if people can’t recite your values, it matters if they can’t work in their spirit.

5. Go long:

The future of your business already exists at its edge. Keep it – and the experts that live there – close.

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