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Volume 3 of the Collective Leadership Institute is dedicated to the leadership perspective and potential of young professionals. Often described as Generation Y or Millennials, they not only are the leaders of tomorrow, but also hold the key for sustainable development today. You can download the study here. Below you can find the highlights of the study from an ILF perspective.

Empowering Young Professionals
Empowering Young ProfessionalsCollective Leadership Studies - Volume 3

Although many companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to incorporate sustainability into more traditional solely market driven approaches, their organisational strategies are often challenged by the highly complex and uncertain nature of these new demands.

Despite a lack of the expertise and training, young professionals are often tasked to drive or coordinate complex projects. As a result, they find themselves on an organisational roller coaster and at the same time a global learning journey.

As a result of feeling more secure in rapidly shifting social and cultural settings young professionals are often more open to innovation, strategic thinking and risk taking. They are also focused on delivering quick results. “At no point in their lives have Generation Y members been without access to information from around the world. Thus, their worlds are surprisingly integrated and, in many ways, Gen Yers cannot comprehend an environment that is not global.”

A study by the Strategic Planning and Consumer Insights division of the AMP Agency reports that across a survey of 1800 participants: “61% of Generation Y feel personally responsible for making a difference in the world; 83% will trust a company more if it’s socially and environmentally responsible; 79% want to work for a company that cares about how it impacts and contributes to society, 64% say their company’s social/environmental activities make them feel loyal to that company; and 56% would refuse to work for an irresponsible corporation.”

Download the full report here

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