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Here we like to share wisdom, insight and inspiration from the Innovation Leadership Forum as well as some of the other amazing stuff we come across. Come on, dive in!  Always remember that innovation happens when connecting different bodies of knowledge.

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Books and Reports

BC innovation wave 2
Innovation Wave

This was the first time Bettina declared her belief that innovation requires a holistic, a systemic approach. The book introduces her framework and combines insights from her first round of research into ‘Innovation Best Practice & Future Challenges’ with contributions from the first conference of the Innovation Exchange she organised at London Business School in 2001, including contributions from Management Guru Gary Hamel, London Business School Professor Costas Markides as well as GSK Zuricher.

BC FoI kopie 2
The Future of Innovation

Together with her friend and colleague Anna Trifilova Bettina collected thoughts, wishes, hopes, dreams and fears of over 300 people from around the globe on ‘The Future of Innovation’, waving about 150 of them together to tell a story of why we need more innovation, why we ought to be careful of innovation’s dark side, why people, collaboration and sustainability are key. (By the way, you can book a 1-day MasterClass to engage with the book’s content!)

BC MIDC 2008

Managing Innovation, Design & Creativity

In the second edition of this (text) book Bettina brings together 12 case studies from companies such the BBC, Black & Decker, Lotus Cars, Dumfries Recycling, Bank of Scotland and Unilever in order to facilitate a discussion of innovation-relevant topics such as creativity, design and branding, structured processes for ideation and implementation, innovation and strategy, prototyping and collaboration.

BC MIDC chinese

Managing Innovation, Design & Creatity (Chinese version)

The book has also been translated into simplified Chinese (in how much the translation reflects the original is impossible for Bettina to say!)

Innovation – The Path of Embracing Change to Create Value

In this book I pull together the insights from four rounds of research into ‘Innovation Best Practice & Future Challenges’, conducted between 2000 and 2010. It was only after I published this book that I realised that, in the context of innovation, we need to think about ‘Leading Practice’, not ‘Best Practice’ …

Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World

This book offers a collectrion of writings on the mindsets, skillsets, and knoweldge sets that are required to lead successfully in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world. The title of my contribution will come as no surprise: Innovation: A Necessity, Not Nicety ;-).





Exceptional Leadership By Design

Pulled together by the same editors as Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World. As it says in the inside flap, “This book debunks the myth that leaders need to be creative like designers to apply Design Thinking.” Here I have my hand in two chapters, the first is titled ‘Designing Leadership for Innovation’, the second, co-authored with Perttu Salovaara, looks at ‘Leadership, Built-In’.

Strategies in Failure Management

This book offers a comprehensive overview of failure in business, management and consulting with perspectives from leadership, project management, change management, innovation management, human resource management, counseling, restructuring, entrepreneurship and sports. Guess what I have written about …  The title of the chapter is a bit of a give-away: ‘Failure in Innovation: Is there Such a Thing?

BC innovation handbook

The Innovation Handbook

Bettina was invited to contribute a chapter with her thoughts on leading for innovation into this compendium which covers a wide range of issues around IP as well as other topics such as sources of innovation and funding.

BC discontinuous innovation

Think Outside The Box

In this book its editors have brought together thoughts, insights, learnings and case studies from the Discontinuous Innovation Lab, a collaborative initiative started in 2006 with universities and companies in Denmark, Germany and the UK in order to ‘learn to manage the unexpected’, i.e. discontinuous innovation. Two Executive Briefings published in 2007 and 2009 respectively can be downloaded below.

Secrets Of Working Across Five Continents

This book was initiated by Bettina’s wonderful friend, Meltem Etcheberry, written in collaboration with four chapter authors, and the input of 150 people from over 100 countries, As technology erodes the impact of time and distance, more and more people live and work across cultures. This can be one of the most joyful experiences, as collaboration and diversity emerge as key drivers of innovation, yet there are also many challenges.

The Other Side Of Growth

Together with five colleagues, under the orchestration of Anthony Mills of the Global Innovation Institute, “The Other Side of Growth” addresses the need for business leaders to stop and think inclusively about the broader consequences of the new innovations they are pursuing – to consider the impacts those new innovations can and will have on a broader array of stakeholders around the world.


DI Search Strategies kopie

Twelve search strategies that could save your organisation

This Executive Briefing offers 12 strategies companies can use to both get ideas for, and become aware of discontinuous innovation.

DI Search Strategies Self Assesment kopie

Preparing for discontinuous innovation

This is a self-assessment and development booklet for the 12 search strategies introduced in ‘Twelve Search Strategies’.

DI Selection AIM kopie

Radical Innovation: Making the right bets

This Executive briefing shares some approaches companies can use to prevent radical innovation to be killed at the selection stage.

exploring the new innovation agenda

Exploring the new innovation agenda

These are the summary notes from the first Sustainable Innovation Lab meeting which explored why innovation without sustainability consideration at its core is becoming increasingly irresponsible, offering case studies from companies such as WWF, SolarCentury and Philips.

organisational transformation

Organisational transformation

These are the summary notes from the second Sustainable Innovation Lab meeting which explored how to embed sustainability-driven innovation at the organisational level. Case studies from the day included the Carbon Disclosure Project, Landmarc and Interface.

systems building

Systems Building

These are the summary notes from the third Sustainable Innovation Lab meeting explored the role of systems building in achieving sustainability-driven innovation as illustrated through case studies from Marks & Spencer, Interface, tyf, Lafarge and The Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

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